00:03 - Tammy's Tiny Tea Time - Series creator, animation, boards, character designs and BG

00:09 - FX's Emmy Award Winning  Archer - Harmony character builds and animation

00:16 - Chozen - Flash character builds and animation

00:21 - Raffi and Dirty Rany The League Special - Harmony builds and animation

00:24 - The Awesomes - Harmony animation

00:29 - How It Went Down - Animation

00:45 - Don't Be Nervous - Hand drawn on paper, animation, character designs and BG

Click on the Manatee to watch!!!

A Scooter PSA! I was responsible for character designs, boards and animation.

The first episode of my animated series is now available online!

My Hand drawn animated film!


An informational PSA I designed and directed for the Georgia Board of Regents. It is very can scrub through it...or not. It isn't very enthralling...